SSI Construction provides expert roofing contractors to handle all of your roof installation needs. Whether you’re looking to have shingle roofing or tile installation, our contractors can get the job done so that your roofing gives you the protection you need and the modern look your property deserves. For all of your residential or commercial roofing installation needs, contact us at SSI Construction today and let us show you all the services and products we offer for getting the perfectly working roof that you deserve.



The most common type of residential roofing is the Asphalt Shingle roof. Affordable, durability and durability are a few of the advantages of a shingle roof.



Common in South Florida, Barral Tile Roofs are built to withstand high winds, have multiple color choices and will increased your homes value.

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Building a roof is a detailed process. At SSI, we ensure that every step of building a roof is followed letter by letter to give you a roof that will protect your home for years to come. Call us Anytime at (954) 771-3667 

We’re happy to break the process down for you, step by step.

  1. Tear off the old roof.
  2. Install the drip edge.
  3. Roll out the underlayment.
  4. Cover the roof with felt paper.
  5. Waterproof the valleys.
  6. Apply starter shingles.
  7. Install the shingles.
  8. Install the flashing.
  9. Cap the ridge.
  10. Seal it up.



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